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About the Artist

Homaira Ahmed's clay-art and paintings have been juried in and sold in different galleries and her work was published in state and national magazines. Currently, Her artwork exhibited in several juried exhibitions, as well as solo exhibitions. 

She obtained Bachelor of Architecture from University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and BA, majoring Fine Arts, from University of Charleston, West Virginia. Homaira used to work in architectural companies in Philadelphia and worked on R & D and commercial buildings. She also attended Arrowmont school of art and crafts, besides attending several national and international ceramic workshops,  

About the Studio

Homaira Khatun Ahmed is the owner and artist of Arts & Thoughts Studio, a gallery and art center in Teays Valley, West Virginia. As an artist and humanitarian, Homaira promotes her personal, enlightening philosophy of creativity, non-prejudice, and equality through her paintings and 3D sculptures.

She designed and constructed the art studio at Teays Valley in 2010 to offer a creative art community for family and friends in the neighborhood. She teaches visual art and design along with pottery to adults and children because according to her, “Art is a language where you can find yourself.” Homaira loves to work with children and encourages innovative positive thinking through art. She believes in developing a “creative mind for healthy living” and that childhood is the best time to plant those seeds.  

Artist Statement


Life is unknown, human mind fascinates me. Human emotions, faces and cultural influences are the driving force of my sculptures. I am trying to learn the hidden language by which an artist aspires as a whole in the community and as an individual. Growing up in South-Asian part of the world, I saw the faces of the famine victims, the painful expression of working-class people, the rickshaw puller, hawker, and snake charmer and I also witnessed an independence war. At the same time, I lived in a South Asian environment surrounded by rich cultures. Music, art, and entertainment occupied a large portion of that culture. People are emotional and hospitable, not to mention creatively motivated to better life. I saw village people are effortlessly creating pots, hand crafted jewelry and fabrics’ generation wise.  

 I was fortunate to reside different countries and experienced the beautiful rich human minds and their creative arts in the setting of different cultural background in Africa, Middle East, South Asia and America. Suffering and the joy of human mind both played a big role in my artwork as well as the historical background. I am deeply in search of the meaning of being born. I was intrigued by Abraham Messlow’s Self-Actualization stage, where creativity occupies a big portion of everyday living with self-realization. A few years I started visiting museums in different countries, (England, Scotland, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany) and tried to identify the diversity of their artwork in relationship with their culture. The rich ancient culture of rock-cut Indian architecture Harappa and Mahenjo-daro mesmerizes me. I am also influenced by ancient excavated pottery. Without my knowledge my sculptural work is inclined to Geometric pattern of Aztec pottery and organic African art. In addition, I love the people and overlapping multicultural society in America, which become an inspiration of versatile as well as unique art forms.

 In my face sculptures, I tried to give an abstract facade to human faces. I worked with three-dimensional composition, line work and texture on a clay body. In some of them, I gave a very realistic eyes and lips which I think is the strongest part of human body and awareness. We can express ourselves with our look and voice of course. I also combine traditional pottery shape with a human face and did some cutout work along with curving and staining on a raw claw. Some has a mysterious smiles or humor. I used different organic materials for texture. Finishing with stain and oxides on different stages, and glazes to emphasize the depth of line work and negative spaces.

 Purpose of creating only some part of faces are to express mystery of life. We cannot see all by looking at people or we cannot express all. So my statement is not to judge anyone. Each human mind is unique in it’s own way.  

WVPB at Arts and Thoughts Studio

Public broadcasting PBS was in Arts & Thoughts Studio to find out what we do here and they sent us this Youtube video. I am humbled and honored to share it with you. It is quite a wild and wonderful journey - I am blessed that I discovered myself in West Virginia.